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Only nine per cent of UK parents confident to give first aid

23 October 2009

First aid for childrenDerek Gordon (BRC)

As Britain celebrates Parents’ Week (19-25 October), a new survey by the British Red Cross has shown that a worryingly low number of parents feel confident to perform first aid.

The poll tested the general first aid knowledge of parents across the UK, particularly regarding the recovery position, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the treatment of bleeding wounds.

It found that only nine per cent of parents would feel strongly confident and willing to act if faced with an emergency situation. Almost half of those questioned – 46 per cent – responded that they would be worried about getting something wrong. Each year, more than a million children in the UK are involved in an accident at home. 

Skills and confidence

Joe Mulligan, head of first aid education, said: “Nothing is more important to a parent than the health and well-being of their child, so a lack of confidence or fear of getting something wrong is a concern among parents.

“However, accidents do happen – and typically the carer or parent will be first on the scene. That’s why – with our Children First Aid website – we’re making first aid more accessible, flexible and free.” The new resource provides key information on all the main first aid topics and includes videos, quizzes, animations, audio and downloadable resources.

Joe added: “It’s easy to pick up first aid skills and a bit of confidence using our online learning resources. They also enable busy parents, who may not always find time to attend a first aid course, to learn life-saving skills in their own homes, at their own pace.”

Highly recommended

Working mother Katherine Jones (30) has found the Red Cross’ Children First Aid site an ideal refresher to the first aid course she took a year ago. Katherine, a solicitor who works three days a week, juggles her demanding professional duties with looking after 18-month-old daughter Eve.

She said: “I couldn’t find time to do another first aid course at the moment as my hands are full with work and the bundle of energy that is Eve. In that regard, the Red Cross’ Children First Aid site is a priceless resource to me. It’s easy to use and free – I’d strongly recommend other parents to use it.”

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