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Joseph’s story: Hero friends saved me

Gwent young first aid heroesSouth Wales Argus

When a young boy suffered a horrific knee injury after jumping down a ditch during a game of tag, there was one bit of good news – all his friends had just been trained in first aid.

Twelve-year-old Joseph Shutt, from Blackwood in Gwent, was playing tag with his friends outside a party when the accident happened. Sliding down a steep bank, Joseph crashed into a rock and suffered a deep, five-inch gash to his knee, partially severing a tendon.

He recalled: "I'd jumped down the ditch no end of times before but this time I landed on a rock and bounced off. I kept on going and landed further down the bank. I looked at my knee and just saw red."

Swift action

Luckily, the group had recently done a Red Cross first aid training course at their school and knew exactly what to do. The boys’ swift actions saved their friend from serious blood loss.

Gwent first aid boy - Joseph ShuttAlun Shutt

Joe says: "One of my friends called an ambulance straight away and the others went for the parents of the person whose party it was. They also called my dad on my mobile. My friend Jordan wrapped his shirt tightly around my leg to stop the bleeding.

"I was scared and in shock, but when I realised they had everything under control I calmed down and was fine after that."

Fantastic response

First aid trainer Nigel Franklyn, who trained the boys and their classmates at Blackwood School, said: "I'm over the moon with them. I'm mega-chuffed. Knowing that the work we've done with the boys has led to something like this – it's pretty special."

Nigel is so proud he has put them forward for the British Red Cross’ Humanitarian Citizen Awards. The awards celebrate the contribution that young people make to the lives of others.

Joe eventually had to undergo surgery to sanitise the wound and repair the partially-severed tendon, and is about to start physiotherapy in the hope that he will soon be able to return to the rugby pitch.

He said: "If my friends hadn't known what to do, I would have lost a lot of blood. I’d definitely say first aid training is worthwhile. Everyone should have it."

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