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Thousands learn first aid as they shop

11 September 2009

A member of the public practices CPRTanya Smith (BRC)25 dedicated volunteers and staff helped over 6,000 people learn more about first aid in a series of roadshows in London shopping centres on Wednesday, as part of the lead up to World First Aid Day.

Several hundred members of the public took part in practical first aid demonstrations with thousands more stopping to watch and find out more.

Canary Wharf Shopping Centre, Croydon’s Centrale Shopping Centre and The Glades Shopping Centre in Bromley all provided promotional space free of charge.

Alison Roche, community-based first aid co-ordinator, said: "We have used the opportunity of World First Aid Day to reach out into local communities and spread the first aid message far and wide. The teams did a fantastic job explaining, demonstrating and teaching and I'm very pleased we managed to reach such a large number of people."

First aid skills lacking

She continued: "Knowing even basic first aid is vital and can make a real difference. We hope people took enough away with them to make a difference if they had to face a real-life situation. A recent poll showed that just seven per cent of the UK population are able to correctly recall first aid advice, and feel confident and willing to carry that advice out. This is one way we hope to help improve that."

By the end of the day, several hundred people had taken part in practical first aid demonstrations, including the recovery position and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Over 2,000 leaflets, first aid brochures and promotional items had been distributed, and over 6,000 people watched and learned from the demonstrations. 

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