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First aider helps elderly man in traffic accident

16 April 2010

Ambulance on duty© Info When Sandra Done spotted an injured pensioner lying prone in the road, she immediately rushed over to help - because the first aid training she had undergone just three months earlier gave her the confidence to act.

Sandra (64), from Worcester, was on her way to a dance class with her partner on 30 March when the incident occurred. Pensioner Ivor Pursley and his wife Elizabeth had been on their way to a fundraising event for his great granddaughter's headstone when he was hit by a reversing white van. 

Fast response

Sandra said: "I saw a body laid in the road with about 30 people standing around not knowing what to do, so I jumped out of the car and knelt down beside him. I said: 'Hello, I’m a Red Cross first aider, can you tell me your name?' Then I called out for someone to call the police and an ambulance."

Sandra took off her cardigan to put under his head and continued to reassure him while her partner directed the traffic away from the scene until the paramedics arrived.  She added: 'I also remembered I had a Red Cross emergency pack in the car containing a blanket, so I got that out to keep him warm.'

Inspired to help

Sandra works for the discharge team  at Red Cross home from hospital service based in Worcester Royal Hospital. She said: " I felt absolutely confident in helping the elderly man, and afterwards went over to the Red Cross office in Worcester to thank my first aid trainer. Now I’m inspired to go on and learn more advanced first aid."

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