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News August 2010

Aid boxes from the Federation and Pakistan Red Crescent

Pakistan relief effort faces massive challenges

26 Aug 2010

A team of British Red Cross logistics specialists has arrived in Pakistan to help co-ordinate the arrival of aid so it can be delivered to those most in need.

Children walking beside a Land Rover vehicle with IFRC logo

Land Rover supports global initiative

25 Aug 2010

Land Rover and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) have launched a new global initiative to help vulnerable people over the next three years.

A man uses a dummy to practice first aid during a course

First aider saves friend after heroin overdose

19 Aug 2010

A homeless man was able to save his friend’s life following a heroin overdose, thanks to his specialised first aid training with the Red Cross.

Emergency response volunteer directs people through flood

How would we deal with aid from abroad?

18 Aug 2010

The United Kingdom supports numerous countries around the world following disasters. But what if we suddenly needed help from abroad?

Man carrying bags of aid through a crowd

Red Cross increases Pakistan relief plan five-fold

16 Aug 2010

The Red Cross will increase its relief operation in Pakistan five-fold, to reach more than two million people with aid in the coming months.

Red Cross volunteers work in the logistics headquarters in Haiti

Red Cross prepares for peak hurricane season in Haiti

12 Aug 2010

The Red Cross is preparing for the hurricane season as experts say there is a 50 per cent chance Haiti will be hit by a hurricane.

Man carries a child through Pakistan floodwaters

More than 12 million affected as Pakistan disaster unfolds

10 Aug 2010

Two weeks on from severe floods, rains continue and millions are now affected, according to the country’s National Disaster Management Authority.

Elderly people and children on rowboats in flooded Pakistan

Pakistan floods take toll as thousands reached with aid

05 Aug 2010

As the estimates of the number of people affected by the floods grow, the Red Cross confirms 50,000 people have already been reached with aid.

Small boy sits on wet furniture in a flooded courtyard in Pakistan

Donate goods to Pakistan Floods Appeal

03 Aug 2010

As the relief effort gears up in Pakistan, members of the public can now donate goods to charity shops to raise funds.

Elderly man walks through floodwaters in Pakistan

Red Cross launches Pakistan Floods Appeal

02 Aug 2010

The British Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal to help survivors of Pakistan’s worst flooding in 80 years.

Volunteers discuss an incident with a fireman

Fire volunteers offer transatlantic help to couple

04 Aug 2010

Volunteers helped an elderly couple following a fire – even though one of them was away visiting the United States.

Event first aid volunteer scans a crowd for problems

First aid life-savers at the races

13 Aug 2010

When a man collapsed during a horse-riding event, Red Cross volunteers joined forces with St John first aiders to save his life.