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Haiti fundraiser becomes a first aid hero

3 February 2010

Paul Jeffery - Haiti fundraiser and first aid hero© InfoMulti-tasking volunteer Paul Jeffery went from shaking a bucket to treating an injured casualty recently while out collecting for the Red Cross’ Haiti Earthquake Appeal.

Moved by the plight of thousands caught up in the Haitian disaster, the trained first aider popped down to his local Tesco branch in Swindon with a fundraising bucket. But he soon had his very own emergency to deal with.

Paul recalled: “I was collecting outside the store when an elderly lady suddenly collapsed and hit her head on the ground. Her husband came running over and, wearing my Red Cross workwear, I also rushed over and introduced myself so I could help the lady.”

First aid checks

As Paul performed the standard ABC (airway, breathing, circulation) checks on the lady, she started to come round but remained confused and distressed – and appeared jaundiced – so an ambulance was called. Paul also ran though the FAST procedure, which is done to ascertain whether someone has had a stroke.

When the ambulance arrived, Paul – an experienced first aider – administered oxygen to the lady while the paramedic prepared her to go to hospital.

Good day

He said: “The lady was very confused and upset, and so was her husband, so besides assessing her injuries one of my main roles was to reassure them both. Her husband was very grateful afterwards.”

He added: “I was glad to have been in the right place at the right time. This goes to show that, as a first aider, you never know when your skills will be needed.”

After his heroic interlude, Paul carried on shaking his bucket outside the Tesco branch for the rest of the day and ended up with more than £360. All in all, not a bad day’s volunteering.

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