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School kids raise cash for the Haiti Earthquake Appeal

12 February 2010

Isle of Wight school children outside Red Cross Shop© InfoA group of school children from Nodehill Middle School on the Isle of Wight are helping Haiti earthquake survivors by donating to a Red Cross charity shop.

The 26 pupils from class 5NG (year five) arranged a special trip from their school to the charity shop in Town Lane, Newport.

Inspired to help

Teacher Natalia Garcia said: “The idea came about during a geography lesson in which we were looking at newspaper articles relating to the Haiti earthquake. The children were keen to find a way in which they could help and came across an article in the County Press about the Red Cross retail appeal. They asked me if they could take part by starting a collection of items for the Red Cross shop.

“They have worked hard all week bringing in items from home and also collecting donations of spare change which they have left over from their dinner money. The idea of collecting dinner money change came from one of our pupils.”

Unique appeal

This is the first time the Red Cross has appealed for stock for its 316 stores for an emergency appeal. The money raised from selling donated items will be spent in Haiti.  

Director of fundraising Mark Astarita said: "We are responding to customers and donors' desire to do that bit more for Haiti. Cash is best but for many it may not be an option. We can't send donated goods to Haiti but this is a way of turning an unwanted Christmas gift into cash that will go directly to help the thousands of people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. 

"We have not done something like this in retail in recent memory and it has been made possible by our high tech tills that can track and bank to the Haiti Earthquake Appeal."

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