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Volunteers respond to four emergencies in a day

Volunteers discuss an incident with a fireman© Info13 July 2010

During a very busy day, Red Cross emergency response volunteers were repeatedly called out to support people at four separate incidents across the UK.

The busy day  - 12 July - started in Kingston upon Thames, where a serious fire in a block of flats led to the swift evacuation from the building of more than a hundred residents. Six emergency response volunteers were called out in the early evening to help set up and staff a rest centre. They stayed on to look after the residents until the early hours.   

In Hove, volunteers were again called out after tragedy struck in the form of a suicide on the train tracks. Six volunteers were deployed to offer emotional support to passengers and rail staff affected by the incident.

‘Serious situation’

In the north of England meanwhile, a huge fire broke out at the Queens Hotel on the Promenade in Blackpool, triggering the evacuation of around 150 people from the burning building. A team of eight volunteers raced to a nearby rest centre, where they helped with registration, provided information and offered emotional support to distraught guests. 

Stephen Hagerich, operations manager, said: “Our volunteers were very quick to respond to a really serious situation. About 150 people arrived at the rest centre throughout the night and we supported them until everyone had been relocated.”

‘Traumatic events’

Finally, three volunteers in Northumbria were deployed to Rothbury at the request of the local council to provide emotional support to local residents affected by the recent high-profile incidents involving Raoul Moat.

Martin Annis, acting head of emergency response, said: “These were all traumatic and tragic events – but throughout the whole day our volunteers were ready to respond quickly to people’s needs across the country.”

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