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Calling all young superheroes!

26 March 2010

You don't need superpowers to be a hero...but it does help! Check out our fun new video, which demonstrates how young people can achieve amazing things by volunteering.

Are you faster than a speeding bullet? Able to leap buildings in a single bound? Probably not, really. And yet every day young people across the UK perform superhuman feats of kindness and bring happiness to others by volunteering in their communities.

So while you might not be able to climb up walls or bend steel with your bare hands, as a young person you can take advantage of an eye-popping range of great volunteering opportunities with the Red Cross.

Lots of fun opportunities

There’s nothing more heroic than saving a life, and that’s exactly what our first aid volunteers are trained to do. Or you might want to help spread the Red Cross word by becoming a peer educator.

If shopping’s your thing, you could sign up to be a shop volunteer – just a few hours a week can make a big difference and you can even help your career with a retail qualification. And for the more rhythmically-minded, our Dance for Life projects offer a one-off opportunity to take part in the performance of your life and raise money.

Speaking of raising money, our fundraising volunteers bring in millions of pounds every year and get up to some truly impressive and ridiculous activities (skydiving or leg-waxing, anyone?) in the process. And if you’re already doing great volunteering work, why not ask someone to nominate you for our Humanitarian Citizens Awards?

So remember: whoever you are and whatever time you have to spare...the British Red Cross needs YOU to get involved.

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