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First aid education gets thumbs up from students

10 March 2010

A young girl practices bandaging her friend's arm© InfoScience teachers at a school in England have enlisted the British Red Cross’ expertise to bring first aid education to their classrooms – and it’s been a runaway success.

It’s rare for any school subject to get a universal thumbs up from students but, since teachers at Slough Grammar started using the Red Cross’ Life. Live it. First aid education kit, they have been taken aback by the positive response.

Science teacher Ms Fleming said: “These resources cover all the basic aspects of first aid that young people need to know, but without overwhelming them – it provides the learning in manageable chunks. My pupils say they now feel more confident about handling situations. One pupil in particular treated a younger sibling with a nose bleed, which she would not have done before.”

Actively involves pupils

But why is the Red Cross kit such a useful tool in the classroom? Ms Fleming explained: “First aid encourages students to use the skills and processes we teach in science – such as observation, communication and group working. At the same time, it actively involves those pupils who see first aid as relevant to their lives but may struggle with academic science.”

She added: “I particularly enjoy introducing the topic in my classes by showing pupils the short film that demonstrates how first aid can really make a big difference to them and their friends.”

First aid on curriculum

Now the teacher is convinced that students across the UK should also benefit from the increased skills and confidence that come with using the kit. As she points out: “First aid is a vital life-skill and I believe it should be a compulsory part of the school curriculum.”

First aid for children© InfoThe Red Cross has been calling for such action for four years, and the Children, Schools and Families Bill – currently being debated in the Houses of Parliament – will hopefully soon make it law for schools to include first aid in the national curriculum.

‘It’s good fun’

The Life. Live it. first aid education kit includes a CD-ROM containing flexible lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, video and audio clips, and an interactive quiz to help students learn the first aid basics. There’s also a range of practical materials so students can practise as they learn.

One science student, Lauren, summed up her class’ response perfectly. “It’s good fun,” she said. “I really understand it and feel in control. Can we do it again next lesson?”

Try out a free sample first aid lesson

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