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Ivor's story: with him every step of the way

14 May 2010

Ivor Purser and first aid hero Sandra Done© InfoWhen pensioner Ivor Purser was hit by a van last month, first aider Sandra Done immediately rushed over to help – but that was just the beginning of the Red Cross’ role in helping his recovery.

Sandra (64), from Worcester, helped 73-year-old Ivor on 30 March after he was hit by a reversing white van. She recalled: "I saw a body laid in the road with about 30 people standing around not knowing what to do, so I jumped out of the car to help.”

Sandra made sure someone called the emergency services, put her cardigan under Ivor’s head and reassured him while her partner directed traffic away from the scene.  She added: “I also had a Red Cross emergency pack in the car containing a blanket, so I got that out to keep him warm until the paramedics arrived.”

Long-lasting care

But Ivor and the Red Cross weren’t quite done yet. When he was eventually discharged from hospital following surgery on his broken leg, the organisation’s medical equipment service was waiting. Ivor said: “Someone in the hospital said the Red Cross could lend us a wheelchair so my wife Betty rang them up. It’s lovely to know that there are people around who want to help us.”

Shortly after, a Red Cross support worker delivered the wheelchair and also offered to arrange some extra care in the home for Ivor and his wife over the next few weeks. Even better, Ivor finally discovered that one of the members of the support team in Worcestershire was none other than his mystery first aider.

Last week, the grateful couple invited Sandra to their home and gave her a basket of flowers as a thank you gift. Sandra said: “I never thought I’d have to use my training but I was so glad I knew how to help. It just goes to show how important first aid skills can be as you never know when you might need them.”

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