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Out with the old…it’s Takeover Day

12 November 2010

Young people seize power at Takeover Day 2010© InfoLeading figures at the Red Cross were subject to a coup today (12 November) as 13 young people stormed a board meeting at UK Office and seized the reins of power.

But don’t worry, the Red Cross’ chief executive and the rest of his team are all safe and well. The temporary coup d’etat was all part of Takeover Day, an annual event where children and young people across the country get a chance to try their hand at running things for a day.

Each year, tens of thousands of young people across the UK help bring a youthful perspective to hundreds of businesses and organisations – while showing adults just what they can do. And it seems the future stars of the Red Cross decided to cut out middle management and aim straight for the top.

Leaders of tomorrow

Given the dizzying nature of their rapid – albeit temporary – promotion through the Red Cross ranks, the young group underwent a day’s leadership training to get themselves geared up for the challenge.

Speaking before the event, Ella Coates (who got the job of running operations in Wales for the day) said: “I’m really excited. It's important to get young people involved in volunteering and events like this will help us develop for the future.”

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