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Volunteers to help those with too much festive spirit

16 December 2012

© InfoRed Cross volunteers are setting up ‘safe spaces’ for suffering revellers in the run-up to Christmas and the New Year, to take the strain off the emergency services.

First aid support

“At this time of year, the number of drink related injuries increases dramatically, placing huge demand on our emergency services,” said Martin Annis, British Red Cross senior emergency planning officer. “Tonight (Friday 16 December) is anticipated to be a very busy time for 999 teams.”

Volunteers will provide first aid and other support to non-emergency cases, helping revellers who are feeling unwell, have suffered minor injuries, or become distressed or disorientated.

The projects will run on Strathclyde Police’s SOS Bus in Glasgow, and in similar spaces in Brighton and Torbay, on Friday and Saturday nights until around 4am.

John Saunders, 61, a Red Cross volunteer working on the Torbay project said: “Sometimes I’ve have given comfort and support, at other times people have needed first aid. Generally Saturday nights are the busiest time. People might be suffering from the effects of alcohol.”

To stay safe during the silly season, find out what easy first aid tips you can pick up, and download our free first aid mobile app.


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