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Chernobyl children learn first aid with the Red Cross

6 July 2011

Chernobyll children at a first aid course in North Wales© InfoA group of children living with the legacy of Chernobyl nuclear disaster were given a first aid treat to remember while on a visit to North Wales.

For the past three years, the Red Cross has worked with Chernobyl Children Life Line, a charity that organises trips for groups of children from Belarus. That country received the majority of the radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear explosion in 1986.

The children are the third generation to be affected by contamination caused by the nuclear explosion. Lots of them suffer heart problems, kidney problems and lung problems – and they have a very high chance of getting cancer.

‘A real highlight’

First aid trainer David Hallows, helped by five volunteers, arranged a special first aid session in June for the group of 34 children.

He said: “Many of the children have younger siblings so we taught them really important skills such as CPR for babies and children, how to call an ambulance in Belarus, and how to deal with blood loss and shock. They grasped it all straight away – even the really young ones.”

Gerrie Bayley from Chernobyl Children Life Line said: “The first aid training was a real highlight of their trip – the children had an absolute ball. Plus, I’ve visited their homes in Belarus so I know the skills they learned here will be very applicable to their lives back home.”

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