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Migrant workers made up with their first aid course

18 July 2011

Fruit picker gets casualty makeover at first aid session© InfoEighty Bulgarian migrant workers enjoyed a first aid training session with a difference when volunteers made them up with life-like fake wounds, then demonstrated how to treat them.

A team of first aiders visited the fruit pickers at a Herefordshire farm on 7 July to provide a free first aid session – and also therapeutic massages.

First aid trainer Amanda Smith said: “It went really well. People learned some useful first aid skills, and we even had a few people coming in with minor injuries so we were happy to help.

Rural communities

She added: “The Red Cross works extensively with refugees and migrant workers, so we know many of these workers are from isolated rural communities with limited access to emergency healthcare. Hopefully, the skills they’ve learned will stay with them and prove useful in the future.”

Stefan Borisov (31), from Sofia in Bulgaria, was made up with an impressive gaping cut above his eye, then taught how to treat such an injury like that for real. He said: “They taught me you have to press on it, and if you feel dizzy sit or lie down and get help by calling 999.

“It’s been fun tonight, but people have also learned how to treat these wounds and maybe now wouldn’t be afraid to help if they saw one for real.”

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