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Red Cross first aiders keep Glastonbury revellers safe

A Red Cross volunteer helps people leaving Glastonbury festival© InfoBritish Red Cross volunteers and staff are providing more than 360 hours of first aid cover at Castle Cary Station, near Glastonbury, this weekend. They will be offering first aid, care and support to people arriving at and departing from the music festival.

Thirty trained Red Cross first aiders will be on hand to ensure people get the medical help they need in the event of illness or injury. The first aid team will be positioned on the station platforms and will staff a first aid post in the station car park.

Ready whatever the weather

Having set up the first aid post on Wednesday, the team will be on hand until the last revellers leave the festival on Tuesday. The Red Cross provides this support at Glastonbury every year.

Bev Sugden, Red Cross event first aid co-ordinator, says: “We’re there to give first aid for those arriving at and leaving the station and we’re there to assist anyone with a disability who may need help getting on and off the train as well. We might be treating anything from exhaustion and the effects of alcohol to dehydration, blisters and even trench foot, if it’s been raining. A lot depends on the weather.”

An enjoyable experience for all

Caroline Hunt, who has volunteered at Castle Cary station during the past ten Glastonbury festivals, says: “The train station is particularly good fun because there’s such a lovely vibe when everyone arrives and you often see the same people on the way home and they come up and tell you what bands they’ve seen and what they’ve been up to. It gives you a real feeling of wellbeing.”

Last year, one of the people who received assistance from the Red Cross was 25-year-old Rosemary Buttery, from London. She said: "I've got rheumatoid arthritis in all my joints and I was queuing for the bus at Glastonbury and got a bit tired, a bit worn down. I came to see the Red Cross and now they're being wonderful and getting me on to a train. I think Red Cross volunteers are amazing. They're fantastic people and everyone should support them."

Throughout the weekend Red Cross first aiders will be helping people like Rosemary, ensuring that everyone can make the most of their festival experience.

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