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First aid cover provided for one million royal wedding revellers

3 May 2011

First aiders set up a treatment tent© InfoAs around one million people gathered in London to take part in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding festivities on 29 April, British Red Cross first aiders helped those who fell ill during the day.

Together, the Red Cross, London Ambulance Service and St John Ambulance crews treated a total of 419 people, with six of the Red Cross’ ambulances helping London Ambulance Service transport patients who needed to go to hospital.

First aid specialists

The Red Cross had 90 first aid and communications specialists outside Westminster Abbey, in Parliament Square and the vicinity. They staffed treatment posts on Westminster Bridge, in Parliament Square itself and along Victoria Street, near the abbey’s doors.

There were also ten first aiders in the abbey, and the Red Cross provided 24-hour first aid cover at the media village in Green Park for three weeks.

Treatment centres were up and running by 5.30am, and the area around the abbey was already crowded and buzzing.
Volunteer team leader Heidi Carnall was based at the treatment post on Parliament Square. She said: "It's been an exhausting day, but the atmosphere has been fantastic. I got up at 3am to be here for a 4.45am start, but it was worth it for the chance to be part of the team here today.

“The teamwork has been brilliant; we’ve worked really well with St John Ambulance and the London Ambulance Service. It has been a pleasure to work on this event.”

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The Red Cross is the first education provider in the UK to launch a first aid app for Amazon Echo.

The British Red Cross is thrilled by government plans that could see all children in England learning first aid at school.

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