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Volunteers help family after serious house fire

4 November 2011

Volunteers comfort a family inside their home after a fire© InfoVolunteers responded in the early hours on 4 November to support a traumatised family of seven after they suffered a house fire.

Two volunteers from the fire and emergency support service (FESS) raced to Royal Derby Hospital to offer clean clothing and supplies – and some much-needed reassurance – to the family group.

The FESS team spent more than five hours supporting the parents, who had a lot to cope with. Besides four children aged 15, 12, nine and five years old, they also had a 17-week-old baby to care for.

‘Difficult time’

FESS volunteer Pauline Jenkinson said: “My heart goes out to the family and I’m pleased we could provide some support at a very difficult time.

“We are always there for someone to talk to in these situations. Our FESS vehicle comes equipped with essentials such as clothing, toiletries, and even a shower – and we can also help with simple things such as a mobile phone to get in touch with family and friends.“

The same vehicle was also recently used to help local residents following a serious fire at a substation in Winster.

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