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Early hours help with the ‘booze bus’

12 January 2012

Glasgow SOS bus and volunteers© InfoWith all that booze, dancing and squabbling, a night on the town can be a pretty hazardous experience – but revellers in Glasgow and Torquay can at least count on the Red Cross for help.

In Glasgow, first aid volunteers man an ‘SOS Bus’ in the city centre every Friday and Saturday night until the early hours. Launched on 16 December, in partnership with Strathclyde Police, the volunteers have already helped 103 casualties.

Twenty-five of those injured needed to be taken to hospital by the Red Cross, and six casualties had such serious injuries that they were passed over to the Scottish Ambulance Service.

'Busy Saturday nights'

Currently running as a pilot scheme, the SOS Bus may well continue running until the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

In Torquay, the Red Cross has joined with the Safe Space project (run by the Torbay Street Pastors) to provide a similar service. 

Volunteer John Saunders (61) said: “Sometimes we give comfort and support, other times it’s more hands on. Generally Saturday nights are busiest, when people might be suffering from the effects of alcohol or become separated from friends.”

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