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First aid training for homeless people

19 January 2012

© InfoLife can be dangerous on the streets – and that’s why the Red Cross is running courses specially designed to help this vulnerable group.

The Red Cross is running a series of special first aid courses throughout Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester to help homeless people. The 18-month project has already trained almost 300 people in its first six months.

According to Department of Health research, homeless people are five times more likely than others to need hospital treatment.

Feeling confident

Maggi Aslet, homeless project co-ordinator, said: "We’ve designed this course very carefully. It not only teaches easy to remember first aid techniques, but also encourages participants to feel confident they can make a difference."

The bespoke course also places great emphasis on training both participants and homeless centre staff to pass on their first aid skills.

‘Useful information’

The training has had a big impact on those who attended. Steven, from Manchester, said: "I’m 36 now and have been homeless since I was nine years old. I've seen all sorts of injuries – including burns, after friends were sniffing solvents and someone struck a lighter – so this training is really good."

Yorick, who also attended one of the special courses, added: “I'm feeling great after getting all this useful information. The training was conducted in a really friendly manner and our trainer was very knowledgeable.”

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