accessibility & help

July 2012

Red Cross first aiders help a man in Weymouth during the 2012 Olympics

Red Cross supports UK crowds during busy weekend

30 Jul 2012

Over the weekend, 339 Red Cross first aiders helped support people visiting London and Weymouth for the London 2012 Olympics.

Life. Live it. Facebook party

Interactive Facebook party teaches teens first aid

19 Jul 2012

On Wednesday 18 July Facebook teamed up with the British Red Cross to bring first aid education into the 21st century via a unique social experiment.

Syria ambulances

Red Cross delivers aid amid increased fighting

17 Jul 2012

As armed conflict escalates in Syria, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent is responding to urgent and increasing humanitarian needs across the country.

Red Cross volunteers clearing landslide debris

Uganda Red Cross helps landslide survivors

12 Jul 2012

As the Red Cross continues to help people after a landslide in Uganda, heavy rains in the region mean thousands remain at risk.

Emergency response volunteer and woman

Help at hand for stranded flood residents

09 Jul 2012

When vulnerable residents in a sleepy village were completely cut off by flooding over the weekend, our volunteers donned their waterproofs to get out and offer support.

South Sudan volunteers

South Sudan Red Cross responds to returnee crisis

06 Jul 2012

As South Sudan celebrates one year of independence, the new South Sudan Red Cross is busy supporting thousands of people returning from Sudan.

Dadaab medical checkpoint

East Africa: malnutrition rates in Dadaab plummet as Red Cross steps in

04 Jul 2012

The Kenya Red Cross has helped cut the number of people in the Ifo II camp suffering from severe malnutrition by 75 per cent.