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Help at hand for stranded flood residents

9 July 2012

When vulnerable residents in a sleepy village were completely cut off by flooding over the weekend, our volunteers donned their waterproofs to get out and offer support.

On Saturday [7 July], a Red Cross emergency response team was called out at dawn to the village of Sheepy Magna in Leicestershire after the nearby River Sence burst its banks.

As the police used rafts to evacuate 13 homes cut off by rising water, four fire and emergency support service (FESS) volunteers – equipped with a Land Rover 4x4 vehicle – were ready to help at the nearby Memorial Hall.

‘Serious emergency’

The evacuees included some very vulnerable and shaken residents, including an elderly man in a wheelchair, a pregnant woman and two children.

Local resident Neil Jones (68) told the Leicester Mercury: "It was awful. I have lived here for 40 years and our house has never been flooded before.”

Martin Annis, senior emergency planning officer, said: “This was a stressful – and potentially dangerous incident – for the residents, so having our volunteers there to provide friendly support, useful supplies and hot drinks must have been very welcome.”

Three call-outs

Volunteers were also on hand a day earlier [06 July], when homes were flooded in three separate Lincolnshire villages: Allington, Newton and Horbling.

A team of four volunteers – equipped with two vehicles – were called out to provide support to stricken residents.

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