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Red Cross responds to floods, an explosion, and a gas leak

29 June 2012

Emergency response teams from the British Red Cross have been busy today, responding to disasters in the north of England, East Anglia, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Following flooding in Belfast today, Belfast City Council asked local Red Cross FESS (fire and emergency support service) teams to attend the flooded homes of a number of south Belfast families facing particularly difficult circumstances. Among those the Red Cross volunteers helped was a young child suffering from a respiratory illness.

Red Cross FESS volunteer Clive Hamilton said: "Flooding is traumatic for any household but for some families it can have immediate health implications too.

“We have been on standby with our specially adapted mobile home, which usually responds to households affected by serious house fires. It gives people who've had to leave their home somewhere safe and dry to sit until alternative accommodation is found."

Multiple emergencies

Workmen in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire hit a gas pipe, causing a gas leak. Around twenty people from the affected residential area were evacuated to a rest centre where the Red Cross provided practical and emotional support.

Late on Thursday night, Newcastle was hit by flooding. Red Cross volunteers were called in to help at a rest centre, and three Red Cross ambulances sprang into action to support the local ambulance service.

Following the explosion that ripped through a residential area of Oldham on Tuesday, the Red Cross is helping people at an assistance centre that has been set up in Shaw, Greater Manchester. Volunteers are providing hot drinks and food, and helping process the large number of donations arriving at the centre.

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A further £5.5 million of funds raised from public donations are to be distributed to survivors of the Grenfell Tower Disaster.

Local authorities are struggling to meet their obligations to prevent, reduce, or delay the need for care, according to a new Red Cross report.

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