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Volunteers support victims of Oldham explosion

26 June 2012

Emergency response volunteers are still at the scene in Oldham today, helping those affected by yesterday’s (Tuesday) explosion.

According to the BBC, the explosion on 25 June "completely flattened" one house and damaged several other properties.

A total of 12 emergency response volunteers have been providing support at the rest centre at the nearby Crompton House School.

Severe incident

They remained until late last night, when residents were either allowed to return home or provided with alternative accommodation. And they were there at 7am this morning, working alongside Oldham Council staff and other agencies to help scores of residents.

Due to the severity and duration of the incident, the school location has now become a humanitarian centre, aimed at providing ongoing information and support for those affected by the incident.

Kevin Place, emergency response manager, said: “Our volunteers did a great job yesterday and responded very quickly – and were back again first thing today to help with any practical needs residents may have.”

‘Vulnerable residents’

He added: “The emergency teams are signposting people to organisations that can help with insurance and accommodation.

“However, they are also helping those more vulnerable residents who now don’t have access to things like medication, mobility scooters or other important items left behind in affected homes.”

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