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Pregnant woman and 92 year old rescued from floods

27 November 2012

A pregnant woman and 92-year-old man are among the people helped by Red Cross volunteers in a flood-hit town in north Wales.

Volunteers used a 4x4 to rescue the pregnant woman and three other people from a house in St Asaph's, which was threatened by rising water. Volunteers also helped the ambulance service reach a 92-year-old man trapped in his home, who was then taken to hospital.

The Red Cross has also helped evacuate sheltered housing for older people and, late last night (26 November), set up a rest centre in the town.

Rescues underway

Volunteers at the centre are giving hot drinks, blankets, clothes and emotional support to about 100 people who fled from their homes after the River Elwy burst its banks and broke through flood defences.

The Red Cross has already sent 4x4 ambulances and support vehicles to St Asaph's, and is set to bring in more volunteers, staff and vehicles from elsewhere in Wales. They are still rescuing people from flood-threatened properties this morning (27 November).

High tide

Nigel Davies, senior services manager for emergency response, said: “It’s stopped raining but the river levels are still rising and it’s high tide at the moment. We expect the rest centre to stay open until at least 6pm tonight.

"More volunteers from mid and north Wales are on their way to the scene at the moment to relieve those that have been there overnight and we also have volunteers on standby in Cheshire and Liverpool should we need them later this evening."

The Red Cross has been working across England and Wales for days to help victims of flooding.