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Volunteers on call to help in flood-hit areas

25 September 2012

As torrential rain across the UK brings flash flooding and waterlogged residential areas, our volunteers are on hand to help. 

Emergency response teams have been called out in Morpeth where a number of families have been cut off from basic services and are experiencing a power blackout.

They have helped set up a rest centre to cater for those affected and also provide for any first aid needs. 

Helping residents

According to BBC reporter Steph Finnon: "Evacuees are warming up in Morpeth Town Hall as they wait to find out how badly damaged their homes are.”

She added: "There is debris coming along the river, there's trees, there's branches, there's furniture and it is going at quite a pace."

Elsewhere across the country, Red Cross teams are on standby to help residents in flood-affected areas who may need to evacuate their homes.

Be prepared

Martin Annis, senior emergency planning officer, said: “We urge people to observe some simple tips when preparing for flooding – such as packing essential items and documents they will need if evacuated, preparing an emergency kit, and regularly checking TV and radio updates.”

You can also check the Environment Agency website for updates on flood risks and weather warnings.

How to prepare for floods


Emergency news

A further £5.5 million of funds raised from public donations are to be distributed to survivors of the Grenfell Tower Disaster.

Local authorities are struggling to meet their obligations to prevent, reduce, or delay the need for care, according to a new Red Cross report.