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Man looks at Jaro online

Red Cross joins billion-dollar fundraising initiative

17 Apr 2013

The British Red Cross has become a founding member of Jaro, an online global charity initiative.

Volunteer helps a person walk away from a domestic fire

Seven people given shelter by Red Cross after fleeing house fire

19 Apr 2013

Volunteers have raced to help seven people after their escape from a devastating house fire.

Male and female medical staff help an earthquake victim

Help for thousands after China earthquake

22 Apr 2013

The Red Cross Society of China has delivered thousands of blankets, tents and first aid kits to survivors of an earthquake in the south of the country.

Someone sending a text message

Text messages send hope and save lives in Sierra Leone

15 Apr 2013

British Red Cross uses a new location-based text message system to save lives and prevent the spread of cholera in Sierra Leone.

Debrillator phone box launch in Northern Ireland

Dial 999 for defibrillator

02 Apr 2013

Forget simply making a call – one phone box in Northern Ireland has been fitted with a life-saving defibrillator that could save people’s lives in emergencies.

Young girl rolls her friend into the recovery position

Politicians and public back Pupil Citizen Lifesaver campaign

08 Apr 2013

More than 100 MPs, and thousands more people across the UK, are backing a British Red Cross campaign to put first aid and humanitarian education on England’s new national curriculum.