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Seven people given shelter by Red Cross after fleeing house fire

19 April 2013

Volunteers have raced to help seven people after their escape from a devastating house fire.

Two members of the Red Cross fire and rescue service (FESS) gave vital support to victims of the fire in Milton Keynes. The volunteers gave the people affected shelter, as well as hot drinks and dry clothes, in their FESS vehicle.

Volunteer Louise Maher said: “They were so pleased to be able to sit down and put their feet up. It was a very, very cold evening – horrible and raining.”

“Afterwards, one of the family wanted to give us a donation, even though they had lost everything. That FESS vehicle is a beacon of light and comfort.”

She added: "They were obviously in shock, but they did have their family there all around them."

The blaze happened at about 3.30pm on April 13. The fire service said the blaze spread rapidly, damaging the ground and first floors of the house, along with three cars parked on the driveway.

The roof of the house, which is in the Two Mile Ash area of Milton Keynes, was completely destroyed.

Ian Taylor, from Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: "All seven who evacuated the premises did so from both ground and first floors without injury, as smoke detection was present."