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Red Cross gives £285,000 to help Philippines after Typhoon Bopha

11 January 2013

The British Red Cross has released £285,000 from its Disaster Fund to help the Philippines recover from Typhoon Bopha – known locally as Pablo.

Typhoon Bopha, which hit the southern island of Mindanao on 4 December 2012, left extensive damage and devastation in its wake. Tidal waves also pounded coastal areas, affecting communities living close to shores. Heavy rains caused landslides and flash floods.

A devastating storm

Around 6.2 million people have been affected in 34 provinces that the storm impacted during its five-day passage. In total more than 1,000 people died, and 840 people are still missing.

To date, the Philippine Red Cross has distributed food to 21,000 families and given essential items, including hygiene kits, to 6,000 families. The distribution of hygiene kits is complemented by health and hygiene education to help prevent disease. The Philippine Red Cross is also providing safe drinking water in some of the affected areas.

Providing shelter and rebuilding livelihoods

The majority of the money contributed from the British Red Cross’ Disaster Fund will go towards funding the Philippine Red Cross’ shelter and livelihoods work.

The British Red Cross has also paid for an economic security delegate to be sent to the country. The delegate will spend five months assessing how the storm has affected people’s income – and how their livelihoods can be rebuilt.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies set up a team to help co-ordinate the shelter response from different agencies working in the Philippines. Money from the Disaster Fund has paid for an information manager and a shelter technical co-ordinator for this shelter cluster co-ordination team.

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