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Motorbike first aiders hit the road

7 June 2013

The next time there’s an emergency at a public event, don’t be surprised if a Red Cross first aider comes revving along to help.

Event first aid volunteers already use ambulances, Land Rovers and bicycles to help casualties – and now they’ve also got a couple of specially equipped motorbikes.

The motorbikes, faster than manual bicycles and nippier than 4x4 vehicles, will help first aiders to quickly reach people needing urgent care at events. That’s why they are so widely used by the ambulance service.

Swift help

Both the Red Cross bikes are fully equipped with vital life-saving equipment, including a defibrillator and oxygen supply. Nine volunteer riders, each trained in advanced first aid and resuscitation support, have undertaken a motorcycle handling course.

Recently, one of the motorbikes immediately proved its worth at a 100-mile cycling event in Suffolk – its very first duty.

When a cyclist had a nasty fall and suffered suspected spinal injuries, volunteer Kev Brace quickly covered the 20 miles distance to reach him and provide vital first aid.

Useful addition

Richard Hankins, head of event first aid, added: “As the Suffolk event showed, our first aiders are using the Red Cross bikes to help save lives and reduce suffering.

“The fact we now have them will be really appreciated both by competitors and event organisers involved with cycle races, marathons and other mass participation events on public roads.”

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