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Amanda Holden backs urgent call for life-saving skills in the classroom

10 March 2013

TV star and mum of two Amanda Holden is backing a Red Cross campaign to put first aid and humanitarian education on the school curriculum.

The star of Britain’s Got Talent and Shrek the Musical has pledged her support for Pupil, Citizen, Life-saver in the run-up to Mother’s Day.

The campaign is urging the government to make first aid and humanitarian education compulsory in schools when it changes England’s national curriculum in the coming months. The Red Cross has asked people to sign its online petition to support the call for action.

“Emergencies can happen to anyone”

Amanda said: "Emergencies can happen to anyone, so I want my children and future generations to learn the skills to help in a crisis.
“It's so important we put these topics on England's new curriculum. Simple skills learned in just a few minutes - like what to do if someone becomes unconscious - save lives."

A recent ICM poll shows that only 20 per cent of secondary school students in England and Wales say they have learned life-saving skills in the classroom. Just 4 per cent would step up to help someone needing first aid, according to the same survey.

Time to build a generation of lifesavers

Joe Mulligan, British Red Cross’ head of first aid, said: “This Mother’s Day, let’s do something that’s both special and incredibly important, by signing the petition to help build a generation of lifesavers.

“We have a brief window to take action and make a change. The government’s proposals are now open to public consultation for the next few weeks.

He added: “We have less than two months to shape the future lives of millions, by getting first aid into schools. Let’s all take action now.”

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