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Red Cross helps more patients in areas hit by heavy snow

23 March 2013

With snow continuing to fall across the UK, Red Cross volunteers are using their 4x4 vehicles to help people affected by the severe weather.

For two days volunteers have used the vehicles to ferry people to and from hospital and bring vital medical services to the doors of patients, in areas where the weather has made travel difficult or impossible.

From about 9pm on 22 March and throughout today, volunteers in West Yorkshire used 4x4 vehicles to take district nurses to patients unable to travel in the snow.
They visited 10 homes on Friday night and around 15 on Saturday to give patients in the Leeds area essential medication. About 15 volunteers called in on patients in places including Guisely, Yeadon and Wetherby.

In north Wales, since 3am today (23 March)  the Red Cross in has taken more than 50 staff from their homes to  hospitals including Glan Clwyd and Wrexham Maelor.

Volunteers have also helped nurses get to the homes of critically ill patients, and made deliveries of insulin.

David Hallows, emergency response service manager, said: “I’ve never seen snow like it. It’s a metre thick in places and it’s not drifting. I just can’t believe it.
"It’s great to know that our 4x4 capability can be of such vital use to medical staff in getting them through these tough weather conditions to patients, many of whom are seriously ill."

The Red Cross website has advice for staying safe in winter weather.