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Mobile first aid app goes global

16 September 2013

6 icons, including the First Aid icon plus text Know what to do in an emergency with Red Cross' free first aid app

The British Red Cross mobile first aid app, launched in the UK two years ago, has proved so popular that it will be available in 17 countries worldwide by the end of the year.

Sometimes, it seems, you just can’t keep a good idea down. A few months after the mobile app was first launched in 2011, the American Red Cross adopted it so people in the USA could also benefit.

The combined British and American versions of the first aid app have now been downloaded over two million times – and continue to be popular in both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

Hugely popular

Following this success, other countries started to show interest. And that’s why, on World First Aid Day (14 September), the mobile app was launched in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Israel, and Ireland.

Later this year, the app will also be launched in Chile, China, Czech Republic, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Philippines, Russia, Sweden and Thailand.

Global reach

Christine Boase, online and mobile learning manager, said: “We always knew the mobile app was a strong idea – it’s based on our simple and easy approach to learning first aid skills. But even we never thought it would prove so popular so quickly.”

She added: “The launch in China, in particular, means that, in one fell swoop, more than 1.35 billion more people will potentially be able to access vital first aid knowledge quickly and easily – possibly to life-saving effect.”

The project to extend the app’s reach has been supported by the Global Disaster Preparedness Center, which is affiliated with the American Red Cross (ARC) and the International Federation Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

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