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Red Cross emergency teams answer storm calls

14 November 2014

Our emergency response teams were in action yesterday (11 December) after lightning strikes knocked out power supplies to parts of South Ayrshire, Scotland.

Six fire and emergency support volunteers, equipped with three specialised vehicles, were drafted in by SP Energy Networks to check on vulnerable people living in the countryside around Girvan.

James Jamieson, senior service manager, said: “We visited a number of outlying homes occupied by people identified by the power company as ‘vulnerable’. They were either older people or those with some degree of disability.

Safe and warm

He added: “Our job was to make sure that people were coping and had everything they need to get through this period. We checked that they were warm enough, and made sure they had enough to eat and access to hot drinks.

“In these situations, our teams will provide any immediate help necessary or call in other appropriate agencies if further assistance is required.”

All Red Cross volunteer crews are fully trained and have the specialist skills needed to tackle this type of work.

Rural crises

James said: “It’s important to remember: circumstances which are a minor inconvenience to some people can be a real crisis to more vulnerable people – especially in remote, rural areas.”

In Northern Scotland, 25 emergency response volunteers are on standby to help the local authority check on vulnerable householders in the wake of the ‘weather bomb’ that swept the country.

In the Western Isles, where there have been widespread power cuts, Red Cross volunteers are ready to start distributing hot food to vulnerable residents.

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