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Fundraising family in scooter trek across London

7 February 2014

A family of four are aiming to be the first ever to scooter along the entire length of the River Thames – and it’s all to raise money for the British Red Cross.

The Colenso family is thinking big. Young Jasmine (age three) and Rosemary (age six), along with parents Jeremy and Rachel, have embarked on a huge fundraising challenge to travel 350 kilometres along London’s biggest river. On three wheels.

Unsurprisingly, no-one has ever completed this gruelling journey in such an unconventional way before. But the family team are determined to succeed, so they can raise funds for the British Red Cross Disaster Fund.

Flooded roads

The avid scooter-fans have already travelled 55 kilometres, wheeling their way along the Thames towpath from Battersea to Staines-upon-Thames.

And when their journey was hampered by flooding, it only reminded them of why they decided to do the challenge in the first place.

Mum Rachel recalled: "One day, we scooted past one of the many areas where the Thames had burst its banks and flooded homes. Lots of people, many of them elderly, had spent a week in freezing winter conditions without electricity, and with floodwater lapping at their doors.”

Disaster strikes

She added: “Battling our way through these water-laden areas was an absolute reminder that you never know when a disaster will strike. It was a very sad scene.”

The poor weather also meant that the going got a little tough for the Colenso sisters, but they were undaunted and splashed their way through any obstacles.

Rachel said: “I’m hoping our efforts to wade through the flooded Thames roads with our scooters will highlight the importance of the Red Cross’ work helping people in these situations.”

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