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India cyclone appeal closes after raising £244,000

20 February 2014

A British Red Cross appeal that raised £244,000 for people affected by a catastrophic cyclone in north east India closed today.

Cyclone Phailin struck on 12 October 2013. It affected about 13 million people, ruined livelihoods and destroyed or damaged about 950,000 homes.

The cyclone also killed 47 people. A network of Red Cross-built cyclone shelters helped to prevent further deaths.

Vital relief

The Indian Red Cross Society brought vital relief to those affected, work that was partly funded by the British Red Cross India Cyclone Appeal.

Aid to people in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Odhisa included more than 17,000 tarpaulins, about 7,000 blankets and 5,500 mosquito nets.

Clothes, buckets and bed sheets were also given out. Three mobile water purification units produced 600,000 litres of clean water for people affected by the cyclone.   

Volunteers promote healthier future

As well as causing massive physical damage, the disaster put people in its path at risk of disease. So in November the Red Cross trained dozens of volunteers to spread life-saving health messages in communities affected by the disaster.

The volunteers have visited 16 villages to promote hygiene practices like hand-washing, and show people how to make their drinking water cleaner and safer.

British Red Cross disaster response manager Pete Garratt said: “Huge thanks to everyone who donated to our appeal. This cyclone caused massive damage, affecting many who were already very vulnerable.

“There’s no question our supporters have helped thousands of people survive and begin to rebuild their lives.”

  • To help people affected by future disasters, donate to the British Red Cross Disaster Fund.


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