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Aid work goes on despite volunteer deaths

22 July 2014

The Red Cross continues to help civilians living through the conflict in Gaza and Israel, days after two volunteers were killed carrying out their duties.

A Palestinian Red Crescent volunteer died as he attempted to treat wounded people in Khuzaa, south of Gaza City, on 25 July. Other paramedic volunteers who tried to rescue him were also targeted, making it impossible to bring the injured man to hospital in time. Another volunteer was killed and three more wounded in Beit Hanoun earlier the same day.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has condemned attacks on humanitarian workers, ambulances and hospitals.

The conflict has seen more than 1,000 people die and forced more than 100,000 to flee their homes. On Sunday Jacques de Maio, the ICRC’s head of delegation in Israel and the Occupied Territories, said: “I have come many times to Gaza in the past 25 years. But I have never seen such devastation, so much blood, so much destruction.”

More help as crisis worsens

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is working around the clock to bring people clean water, medical care and shelter. In recent days it has:

  • provided fuel for ambulances and hospital generators
  • negotiated with all sides to help ambulances move safely through conflict-affected areas
  • donated war-surgery kits, stretchers and wheelchairs and other supplies to hospitals.

Since the conflict began earlier this month, the Movement has:

  • taken 2,625 wounded people to hospital
  • carried out 20 repair projects renewing about 370,000 people’s access to water and sanitation
  • handed essential items such as blankets, mattresses, cooking utensils and tarpaulins for shelter to over 500 families with damaged or destroyed homes.

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