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Huge food collection results in millions of meals

18 July 2014

British Red Cross volunteers have been helping with a nationwide food collection, which so far this year has brought in enough grub for 5.1 million meals.

From 3-5 July, more than 450 Red Cross volunteers were stationed at Tesco stores, where they collected food donations from shoppers to support families hit by food poverty.

The bumper collection was organised by Tesco, FareShare and The Trussell Trust, in response to growing concerns about the levels of food poverty in the UK.

Extra support needed

Recent research suggests that millions of people across the UK are still feeling the pinch from the recent recession.

The figures are pretty startling. More than 500,000 people have needed extra support to secure enough food in the past 12 months. During the same time period, food-bank use has tripled.

All collected food will now be redistributed either by FareShare (to over 1,290 UK charities) or The Trussell Trust, which has more than 400 food banks.

Generous shoppers

The collection prompted a huge outpouring of generosity from shoppers across the UK.

Pensioner Michael Moon, from Bristol, had already been through the checkout when he saw the collection taking place, but he went straight back in to pick up some goods to donate.

He said: “I feel really that I should donate. I think I’m probably fairly fortunate myself and a lot of people are not so I do contribute to quite a few charities.”

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