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Medicines reach hospitals on front line of Iraq violence

3 July 2014

The Red Cross has delivered crucial medical supplies to hospitals treating people affected by violence in Iraq.

They include Hamadaniyah Hospital, which has been affected by the fighting in nearby Mosul.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) health co-ordinator Dr Hashemi Said Padshah said the delivery would enable the hospital to treat 100 seriously wounded people and 10,000 other patients for three months.

“The hospital was short of medical supplies, and very few medical staff are on duty because of the fighting.”

The ICRC also reached Falluja, a city badly affected by the conflict, twice last month. On the second visit it delivered seven tonnes of medical supplies, enabling the city’s hospital to treat 600 seriously injured people and nearly 45,000 other patients for three months. Medicines were also delivered to Sinjar Hospital near Mosul.

The supplies were delivered in co-ordination with the Iraqi Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation.

153,000 helped so far

The ICRC is working to bring food, clean water and shelter and to people affected by violence in Iraq.

At least 800,000 people have had to flee their homes since intense fighting started in December. So far, the ICRC has distributed food and other essentials to more than 153,000 displaced people across the country.


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The Red Cross is supporting the only hospital near Mosul that can treat the wounded and sick fleeing fighting in the area.

As the battle for Mosul in Iraq intensifies, the Red Cross is providing essential aid to around 10,000 people who have fled to nearby camps.