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Third Syrian Red Crescent volunteer dies in as many months

11 June 2014

A Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) volunteer has lost her life while carrying out humanitarian work, the third such death in as many months.

Nawal Al Youssef died on 3 June while on duty at a centre for people with disabilities in Rastan.

Members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement have made a joint call urging all parties involved in the Syrian conflict to ensure the safety of aid workers and allow the rapid, safe and unimpeded passage of impartial humanitarian relief.

37 SARC volunteers and staff, and seven volunteers and staff from the Palestine Red Crescent Society have lost their lives since the beginning of the conflict in Syria while carrying out humanitarian work. They include Quteiba Abdallah and Wassim Mohammed Qassoha, who died on 6 and 22 April.

Katy Attfield, head of disaster management, said: “The purpose of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is to provide neutral and impartial humanitarian assistance. It is impossible to carry out this life-saving work without having safe access to those in need. The Movement has called on all parties to the conflict in Syria to allow safe and unimpeded passage of relief, and to respect and protect aid workers.” 

More than nine million Syrians need urgent help in the form of food, shelter, medical help and psycho-social support. About three million Syrians are helped by the Movement every month.


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