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First aid apps encourage people to help

12 September 2014

The next time you get annoyed by someone playing with a smartphone next to you, just remember – they might hold the key to saving your life.

More than a million people in the UK have now downloaded the British Red Cross’ adult and baby and child apps, which provide advice on what to do in an emergency.

And according to new research, almost three-quarters of British people would be much more likely to step up and help if they had a first aid app on their phone.

Positive effect

Joe Mulligan, head of first aid education, said: “Mobile devices are an integral part of modern life, but this latest study confirms how essential first aid apps are becoming during emergency situations. 

“We’re now witnessing the game-changing effects that mobile technology can have on our society. 

“And the really positive thing is there’s such a great willingness to learn first aid, and then step up when it really matters.”

Learn how you want

The Red Cross adult first aid app works on Apple, Android and Blackberry devices. The baby and child app works on Apple or Android phones and tablets.

They feature videos, interactive quizzes and easy-to-follow advice. Both are free to download on Apple’s iTunes store and the Google Play marketplace

Besides downloading our free mobile app, you can also learn first aid online or sign up for a course

However you choose to learn first aid, knowing even some basic skills could be really handy if something goes wrong. 


Latest news

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