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Deadly landslides add to earthquake misery

7 August 2015

Dozens of people have been killed by landslides in Nepal in recent weeks.

Monsoon rains are increasing the risk of such disasters. 

They have also made it harder for the people in the country’s earthquake-affected areas to get their lives back on track.

The landslides hit villages near Pokhara, just three months after a huge earthquake struck the country.

“I heard a big demonic sound, I thought it was an earthquake,” Kabi Ram B.K told news agency Reuters.

The 64-year-old farmer’s daughter and granddaughter were killed when the landslide smashed into their home.

The rains have also made it harder for people to rebuild their homes – and for deliveries of essential aid such as food, blankets and water to get through.

We won’t give up

Despite these challenges, Red Cross staff and volunteers are working flat out.

One team in Chautara has distributed 4.5 million litres of clean drinking water, and shown tens of thousands of people how to protect themselves from lethal diseases.

And we have given out tarpaulins, tools and kitchen sets to help homeless people survive and begin rebuilding their homes.

Red Cross aid worker Stephen Cox has just returned from Nepal. He said: “Landslides and monsoon rains are another blow for people who have already been through a horrific ordeal.

“The families I met in Nepal are doing everything they can to rebuild their lives. But if you were in their shoes, you’d be grateful for a bit of extra help.

“Please give to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.”

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