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Volunteers help people affected by flooding

5 December 2015

British Red Cross teams are supporting residents affected by flooding across the UK. 

Three rest centres have been set up in the towns of Keswick, Appleby and Kendal in Cumbria. Around 50 homes have been flooded there.

Teams are also supporting a rest centre in Hawick in the east of Scotland for families whose homes are at risk of flooding. 

Robert Colburn, operations director for East Scotland, said: “Our help was requested about 3.30 this morning by Scottish Borders Council. We immediately called out some of our local volunteers to set up the rest centre and prepare to look after people who had been forced to evacuate their homes by the flood threat.

“The Red Cross has vast experience of looking after people in emergency situations and our volunteers are specially trained in a range of skills needed for tasks such as this.

“We now have a dozen volunteers working shifts at the rest centre. Most of the evacuated residents have been contacting relatives and friends to arrange temporary accommodation but we have been told to expect to have up to 20 people staying overnight.”

Prepare a grab bag

In North Wales, teams including 20 volunteers are on standby. They are ready to support vulnerable residents that may be affected by power cuts. 

Power cuts are predicted this evening due to high winds in the area. Last night 300 homes were affected but power has been restored.

David Hallows, emergency response manager for North Wales said: "Our emergency response teams are poised to respond across the country. The British Red Cross has trained and skilled volunteers available to respond at short notice to any situation that unfolds over the next 24 hours.

"We would advise anyone whose area could be affected by Desmond to prepare a grab bag of essential items they can take with them if required to evacuate at short notice. This should include warm clothes, a torch and insurance documents'.

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