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Prince of Wales meets Red Cross team in flood-hit Cumbria

22 December 2015

The Prince of Wales has visited flood hit communities in Cumbria and met the emergency and rescue workers who helped them.

Prince Charles, who is president of the British Red Cross, spoke with staff and volunteers in Carlisle and Appleby along with members of the police, fire service, mountain rescue and council officers during yesterday’s royal visit.

When Storm Desmond hit North East England earlier this month the Red Cross helped to run rest centres for those whose homes had been flooded in Appleby, Kendal and Carlisle. Our volunteers also provided transport, emotional support and first aid.

Prince Charles recalls first aid

Martin Wareing, senior service manager for ambulance support in the north east and Cumbria and Jason Tattersall, volunteer centre leader for Carlisle met His Royal Highness at a community centre in the town.

Martin said: "He asked what the Red Cross had done during the flooding and we told him about our involvement at the rest centre in Morton School in Carlisle, where we provided emotional support, minor first aid and helped the council with transport and relocation of people whose homes were flooded.

"His Highness said he always held the Red Cross in high regard, as our president, and could still remember some first aid.”

He added: “It’s very admirable of The Prince to come and visit Carlisle and Cumbria as a whole.  I think it will mean a lot to the people whose homes have been flooded.”

Support line launched

Since flood waters have receded, the British Red Cross has continued to work with local councils and emergency services across Cumbria on recovery plans for the area.

We have also launched a telephone support line for people feeling lonely, distressed or isolated following the flooding and we can arrange home visits to give further support. The line is open 24 hours a day on 07623 505338.

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