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Red Cross volunteers support flooded communities

27 December 2015

One hundred British Red Cross volunteers have been supporting communities affected by floods in Wales and northern England. 

On Boxing Day Red Cross volunteers were caring for people evacuated from their homes in Chorley, Salford and Bury. Rest centre staff provided food, drink, blankets, plus first aid and emotional support. 

In north Wales, volunteers are using 4x4 vehicles to transport critical care staff to Bangor Hospital following flooding to parts of the A55 and nearby roads, making them impassable except for 4x4 vehicles.

In Yorkshire, volunteers helped residents at a reception centre in Hebden Bridge. They provided essentials such as food and sandbags. They are also supporting vulnerable Northern Power Grid customers who have been left without power.

Help on standby

As floodwaters continue to rise, cutting off power supplies and roads, more people may have to leave their homes for their safety.

Simon Lewis, head of UK emergency response at the Red Cross said: "We've been working with local councils and emergency services to make sure we're ready to help the communities affected by flooding.

"More Red Cross staff and volunteers are on standby to help as needed throughout the coming days. "

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