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Volunteers welcome Syrian refugees to Belfast

15 December 2015

Red Cross volunteers in Belfast are looking forward to welcoming 51 Syrian refugees arriving today, including 11 children and a new-born baby.

The families are part of the government’s vulnerable persons relocation scheme.

Different organisations, including the British Red Cross, are working together to support the families as they adjust to life in the UK.

Our volunteers and staff from across Northern Ireland will meet refugees at the airport, accompanying them to a welcome centre in Belfast.

They will stay at the centre for several days. Here they will be introduced to the culture, customs and practicalities of their new home and will work through the necessary paperwork.

Refugee services manager Neil McKittrick said: “After an intense planning period we are very much looking forward to putting our humanitarian response into action.

“We will be providing a reassuring presence at the airport with colleagues ready to provide first aid or psychological and emotional support as required.”

Red Cross volunteers will be on hand around the clock at the welcome centre in the coming days.

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