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Asylum seeker on the Azure payment card

Save up for pots and pans? Now these asylum seekers can

23 Feb 2015

For most people, putting aside and saving money for pricier items is all part of the weekly budget. But this wasn’t possible for many asylum seekers – until now.

Government funds extra Red Cross A&E support

04 Feb 2015

The government has given the British Red Cross £500,000 so our volunteers and staff can offer vital support at 17 extra hospitals over the next 12 weeks.

A man places a cloth on the head of a wounded woman

New help for Ukraine as violence worsens

11 Feb 2015

The British Red Cross is set to give £100,000 to help people caught up in fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Two woman stand behind a till and another woman holds a book

Screen legends clean out their cupboards to boost water appeal

05 Feb 2015

Sheila Hancock and Victoria Wood have made unique donations to the British Red Cross Clean Start Appeal, which is bringing safer water to people in Kenya and Bangladesh.