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Government funds extra Red Cross A&E support

4 February 2015

The government has given the British Red Cross £500,000 so our volunteers and staff can offer vital support at 17 extra hospitals over the next 12 weeks.

The Red Cross already provides A&E-based support at 26 hospitals, in addition to more than 100 services across the country that help patients get home from hospital sooner.

The extra projects are designed to help vulnerable patients over the next few busy weeks – particularly older people who live alone and don’t have any family or friends nearby.

Help at home

Our social care teams will make sure discharged patients get home safely, and are settled and comfortable once back there.

Volunteers and staff will also make follow-up calls or visits in the days afterwards to check everything’s okay.

This will reduce the likelihood of patients struggling at home and having to be readmitted to hospital.

Enduring partnership

Mike Adamson, British Red Cross chief executive, said: “The voluntary sector has an important role to play in both easing pressure on NHS services and enabling older, vulnerable patients to live independently at home.

“This 12-week trial will further demonstrate the value we can bring to helping people in crisis, increasing patient-flow through the system, and reducing the burden on hospitals.”

He added: “We hope it will lead to further investment in – and partnership with – the third sector, so we can help even more people to live independently.”

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