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Migrants injured after desperate night in Eurotunnel

29 July 2015

A group of migrants arrived in Kent yesterday, after a harrowing journey through the Eurotunnel – with many injured and traumatised.  

Most people required on-the-spot first aid after risking their lives to get to the UK.

There was also a need for basic supplies, such as blankets, as most arrived here with few or no belongings. 

Crushed to death

According to news reports, there were around 1,500 attempts to cross into the UK from Calais on the night of Tuesday 28 July.

This journey ended in death for one Sudanese man, aged 25-30, who was crushed by a truck as it left a ferry.

He is now the ninth person to die trying to get into the tunnel since June.

‘Dangerous and traumatic’

A small group of people did make it through the Eurotunnel into Kent last night, where they received some support from British Red Cross. This was at the request of the Home Office and Kent County Council.

The vast majority of people we saw were asylum seekers, who had fled danger and persecution from countries such as Syria and Afghanistan.

Rhys Cutler, who works for us in Kent and Sussex, said: “We have been supporting a number of vulnerable asylum seekers, for many of whom crossing the Channel Tunnel has only been the last stage of a dangerous and traumatic journey.

“Many of the individuals our team met had suffered injuries and emotional trauma. It was humbling to see how gratefully the basic items and support we provided were received.”

Desperate need of help

Alex Fraser, head of refugee support, added: “We’re here to support people in crisis – whoever and wherever they are. And these people are arriving in the UK with absolutely nothing.

"We're the Red Cross. If we don’t help, who will?”

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