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Journalist wins top award for great refugee reporting

19 June 2015

The filmmaker Iva Radivojevic has won a prestigious award for her piece on refugees – setting the bar high for future reporting on asylum. 

Iva Radivojevic's film Evaporating borders won the new refugee reporting award at the One World Media ceremony last night. All entries were judged on fairness, accuracy and excellence.

Radivojevic's 'visual essay' tells the story of asylum seekers in Cyprus - and she says it was a film that she simply had to make.

She told us: "Without a country, without papers, without wealth, and often without family or support – refugees in particular are one of the most vulnerable groups of people, placed at the bottom of society’s chain.”

Fairness and accuracy

The annual One World Media Awards are now in their 27th year. They are one of the leading journalism awards in the UK.

This is the first time that the refugee reporting award has appeared as a category. It was introduced after sponsorship from the British Red Cross - and received more entries than any other in the list.

The award feeds into our Get the Story Straight campaign, which fact-checks news stories about refugees and asylum seekers – and champions fair and accurate reporting.

Sensitive and compelling

Announcing the winner, the jury on the category said: "Evaporating borders is a dazzlingly original personal essay on the nature of identity, displacement and nationhood. Its haunting work challenges us all to think about how we view outsiders."

Andy Hewett from the Red Cross added: “We were looking for something that told the facts and talked about this issue sensitively, while still remaining a great and compelling story.

"With the numbers of people forced to flee their homes at an all-time high, it’s important to remember that the media play a big part in how the public perceive – and treat – refugees and asylum seekers. They deserve excellent reporting like Radivojevic's piece.”

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